Our speciality is to provide Clients with a turnkey solution, from sourcing and selecting to training. As partners we will:

Our speciality is to provide Clients with turnkey solutions, from sourcing, trade testing to training in the country of origin or at arrival in the GCC country. In India, we currently directly operate 2nr Training Centers and also have access to training facilities across India through our association with leading regional Technical Training Institutes. Our current assessment capacity is expanding from trade testing 10,000 operatives per month and training 4000 operatives per month.

Our Consultants will work with your HR Team to design and plan a recruitment drive based upon your requirements. As part of our Consultancy service we will provide value engineering solutions that help build a seamless structure between recruitment and integration of recruited labour on arrival at site.

Although our main recruitment hub is India, we have a strong network and associated partners across South East Asia and Africa. We have the expertise to recruit in both the blue and white color sectors.

Recruitment and training of blue collar operatives:

Clients have the option of using either one or a combination of the following services:

1. Recruitment , trade testing and training
2. Recruitment and trade testing only
3. Your preferred Recruitment Agent is responsible for the recruitment function, Snathe carries out trade testing only
4. Snathe is responsible for trade testing and training only, your preferred Recruitment Agent will manage the recruitment function.
Service Overview

As partners, we work with your HR team on the following aspects:

  • Establish exact requirements through discussions with your HR, Planning Engineers and Estimation Dept.’s.
  • Prepare a bespoke training proposal as per your site needs
  • Plan recruitment drive and program
  • Trade test and select operatives / supervisors for training
  • Accommodate and conduct training to selected individuals
  • Induction on Company systems and processes
  • Training in Health & Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Technical training, strategies to increase productivity, use of tools
  • Filter and screen all operatives as to suitability during training stage
  • Provide job brief
  • Grading and certification according to our CSTS skills benchmark
  • Optional: Integrating and deployment of labour on site on arrival
  • Optional: Contract Manage the trained gangs on a sub-contract basis


Recruitment and training of Frontline Supervisors

We will source and recruit those Supervisors who fulfill the requirements as per your job description and pass our initial selection criteria. Successful candidates will undertake a 5 day Frontline Supervisor Training (FLST) Course. Clients will be provided with a detailed breakdown of the marks achieved in each of the key components along with an assessment report as to our trainer’s assessment of each candidate.

Oil & Gas Sector

Our expertise in recruitment extends to sourcing, training welders and certifying; pipe fitters, riggers, supervisors and technicians along with professionals required in associated health and safety activities.

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