Snathe Group is one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the Middle East operating in the area of skills training, contract management and associated services.

Snathe Construction Group was founded in 1964 as a Contracting Company in the UK and has been operating in the GCC region and India for over 8 years. We are one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies providing comprehensive and bespoke solutions in the areas of Skills Development Training; Consultancy, Contracts Management and other associated services for the Construction & Facility Management sectors.

We started operations in the GCC in 2009 with the aim of providing value engineering solutions in the niche sector of skills training, using this as the tool to improve Health & Safety, Quality and Productivity at the work place. Our expert team designed modular training courses, structured upon the minimal education qualification of workers from South East Asia. Standardised theoretical and practical modules were designed that have since led to “measurable performance indicators” on output.

To benchmark excellence in construction, we designed and built a state of the art training facility in India. The design has since been replicated by us in Qatar and Dubai. Our current training capacity in India runs at 4000 operatives per month. We have also associated with leading regional Technical Training institutes for conducting our training programs pan-India.

Our business model has grown from just providing a training services, to designing bespoke training packages and turnkey construction solutions for Clients including; Consultancy, Site Auditing, Training, Contract Management and Recruitment.

We have the distinction of being the pioneers and the only company with a track record of delivering high quality services with a legacy built on the ‘standards of excellence’ to some of the largest Contractors in the GCC region that have enabled them in achieving long-term resource optimisation and profit maximisation.

Mission Statement

To partner with Contractors to provide comprehensive and bespoke value engineering solutions in the areas of construction skills training, resource management and all related services, with the key focus on Health & Safety, Quality & Productivity.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to evolve as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and create a benchmark for achieving the highest international standards in the areas of construction skills development enabling our Clients to maximise cost-saving and profitability through using our unique tools, systems and training techniques.

Our Values

We strongly believe every individual is the most important factor for the growth and success of any organisation. Hence, our key focus is on the human engineering and humanisation of work. Since human-being are multi-dimensional, we follow a holistic approach in engaging and developing the whole person. Our major emphasis is on creating attitude change to enable the individuals to bring out the best of their aptitude with peak performance and attaining the highest altitude of their competence level.

Our Team

We have a team of highly dedicated and experienced UK qualified Construction professionals and Trainers assisted by GCC experienced Indian Construction professionals for the Skills Development Training, Consultancy, Contracts Management and other related services.

Setting standards by measuring performance in the pursuit of excellence.

Providing the training framework for construction skills training.

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