Construction Skills Training Scheme (CSTS)

The Construction Skills Training Scheme (CSTS) is a training and assessment scheme aimed at improving the competence level of the Blue Collar Workers, Frontline Supervisors with key focus on productivity, quality, accident prevention and safety.

The training modules comprise short term highly intensive modular inter-active audio/visual classroom (30% Theory) and hands-on (70% Practical) structured training, integrated with the concepts of lean construction principles, and latest construction technology and techniques.

We monitor current productivity levels and provide Clients with bespoke solutions which are guaranteed to increase individual and gang competency levels in terms of health and safety, quality and productivity. The evaluation process ensures each trainee’s competence level is measured throughout the training period followed by an optional ‘Onsite’ performance audit.

Our training techniques are focused on saving on labour costs, whist not compromising on health and safety, quality and productivity. Trainees are taught techniques which enable them to multi task and reduce the reliance on helpers.

We work with our Clients as knowledge partners in tandem with their Training Division with the option of setting-up a Training facility ‘Onsite’ or ‘Offsite’ and conduct training in English and the native language of the workers.

Trained operatives have enabled major reduction in manpower allocation and measurable improvement in the quality and productivity contributing significantly in resource optimization and cost-saving within a short span of 3 months.

We consider ourselves as the training division of all our Clients. With that in mind we also assist Estimation Departments in providing them with projected productivity targets based upon the trained operatives / gangs. Clients are given tools that enable them to track and monitor performance and control costs.

The course is aimed at developing the technical knowledge, skills and performance levels of the operatives (charge- hands, tradesmen and helpers) to international standards. We also carry out skills scan and up-skill those helpers who have the potential to become tradesmen. Training is imparted in the following basic trades:

Building Steel Fixing Cutting and bending for rings and chairs, tying techniques; slabs, columns, beams
Formwork Traditional formwork; foundation pads, columns, beams, formwork systems
Masonry Blockwork, Rendering, Screeding, Tiling, Concrete Finishing
Fit Out Joinery Installation, First & Second Fix
Dry Wall Systems Wall Partition installation, Ceiling Installation Taping and Jointing
Painting/ Decorating Surface preparation, Wall papering, Mastic application, fire coating
MEP Electrical Foundation / Advance Level electrical installation / connections
Mechanical Foundation / Advance Level mechanical fabrication and installation
Plumbing Foundation / Advance Level basic plumbing services installation
Roads Interlock & Kerbs Preparation and installation, interlock patterns
Manholes Constructing using blocks, formwork for manholes and lighting poles
Drainage Levelling, pipe laying, benching
Technical Trade technical information calculating quantities, measuring and setting out techniques,
Logistics Works sequence planning, planning material distribution,
Productivity Distribution of resources based upon work to be carried out, forward planning techniques

We design bespoke packages based upon Client requirements. We recommend a 12 day program consisting of trade testing, modular training and final assessment and grading of individuals and gangs. The training modules comprise of inter-active classroom theoretical and ‘hands-on’ practical training followed by an optional 3 months ‘Onsite’ rigorous monitoring and analysis of productivity data charts and graphics. The training program involves:

Initial assessment - Trade Testing and Grading Productivity Data Analysis
Modular Training (H&S and Trade skills) Post-training ‘Onsite’ performance evaluation
Modular assessment and Provisional Grading Final grading and certification

The course is aimed at developing skills in planning for works, logistics planning, workload distribution, resource management and quality control.

Post training, we will provide you with a table summary of the core strengths of each operative, ranking them according to overall competencies. The ‘Operative Ranking Scheme’ (ORS), is a tool that drills down into the competencies and strengths of each individual and enables Site Managers in resource optimisation by deploying the right worker/s at the right time for a specific task.

Individuals are monitored as to their adherence to the skills learnt during training for a period of 3 months. All evaluations are backed up by documentation which assesses skills and measure productivity.

As part of the training programs, we provide the Clients complete productivity data in the form of spreadsheets, pie charts and histograms which detail before and after training results for each individual and batch trained, along with their projected productivity capabilities and detailed assessment reports and recommendations on further training needs. We also provide unique tools that enable site management to monitor and track performance based upon captured “live” productivity data.

We provide short term modular training programs comprising CSTS foundation, basic, intermediate and advanced courses. Clients have the added advantage of having courses tailor made to their Project’s specific requirements. After assessing the requirements, we plan a training program that is geared towards ‘Individual’ and ‘Gang’ based training and Gang structure formation to achieve maximum efficiency. The ‘Operatives’ are continually assessed with major focus on project’s specific details. The final assessment is on the basis of competency levels acquired post-training vis-à-vis what is expected on the site.

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